How We Do It

We emphasize creativity and good communication.


  • What is beautiful to you? What inspires you? We want to know. 
  • Truly knowing and understanding our client helps us to provide the best possible creative solutions.
  • It’s not all about us. We are participating in something bigger than ourselves. When everyone participates, the project moves toward “awesomeness” – our goal for every project.


conference room cropped


We believe it’s good to work hard, have fun, and give back.


Work hard

  • There’s no other way. Our clients deserve it, and we expect it from ourselves.

Have fun

  • We enjoy our work. Creativity springs from a state of play. Our desire is to be creative and have fun with every project, no matter how big or how small.

Give back

  • Some might ask how a small architecture firm can afford to “give back.”  We feel it’s part of our calling. It gives meaning to our work and direction for our business principles. We are committed to giving back through our time, our talents, and our resources.


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